Long-term Loans – is it worth it? Where to take a long-term loan?


Long-term loans are among the most popular ways to obtain a loan from a non-bank outlet. Many of us are at a certain moment entering such a stage of life, when it falls into an uninteresting financial situation. Income grows disproportionately to the needs we have – we need to borrow a certain amount of money. Unfortunately, it is not enough to pay for a small amount with a period of 30 days to repay – what then? A long-term loan was planned for such situations.

Not without reason, when writing about a rescue board for people who need an injection of cash with a repayment period spread over time, we write about loans. Loans, because they often do not have such generous conditions and their conclusion by those in dire need of cash may prove to be a difficult obstacle to overcome. What’s more, we get loans only in bank branches, with numerous formalities, certificates and a considerable waiting time to make a decision.

A loan is defined as something like a financial product that is provided by companies and companies that offer non-banking services. Obtaining it in a lawful establishment also requires several formalities, but it is exorbitantly easier than obtaining a loan. And although the number of customers in the non-banking sector is not growing too fast, analysts are observing a clear increase in the average value of loans. Long-term loans, therefore, can more easily meet the needs of consumers in need, which is the main reason for their dizzying popularity.

Long-term loans – what is it?

On the loan market, the dominant type is, of course, online payday loans. It is obtained in the amount of a relatively small amount, usually in the range of 500 to 2000 PLN. its main condition, which unfortunately turns out to be a serious obstacle for some, is the repayment period, which in most cases amounts to no more than 30 days (a month). As we know, it can be problematic to find resources that we have not been able to find in our budget before. What, then, remains the only sensible way out in a difficult financial situation?

It is worth taking a look at the offers presented by long-term loans. Their award terms are characterized by a much higher maximum amount that we can get, and an incomparably longer repayment period. The first value can be as much as several tens of thousands of zlotys, and the second – even 36 months (3 years). This is undoubtedly the most advantageous type of loan that exists on the Polish market.

Briefly speaking, it is characterized by the following features:

To sum up the above-mentioned information, it is worth summarizing and substantively demonstrating the benefits that lenders set in the context of long-term loans.

  • The speed of obtaining and an incomparably faster decision than in the case of a bank
  • Short waiting time for money – up to 15 minutes by bank transfer, without leaving your home
  • The amount we receive can be used for any purpose
  • The possibility of obtaining a large amount of money
  • Time repayment spread over time
  • Specified, convenient monthly installments
  • Relatively little formalities
  • A simple procedure for obtaining a loan

Momentum and a long-term loan – the basic difference

It is worth adding that comparing payday loans to long-term loans, however, there is a serious flaw in the latter.

Many outlets often provide promotions for the so-called the first free loan for those who take out payday loans. It consists in the fact that the borrower gives exactly what he borrowed earlier. In the case of long-term loans, unfortunately, this is not possible. Everyone has to be aware that the loan will be charged with additional costs added according to the tariff. Their repayment will of course be obligatory and included in the loan installments.

Only the fact that it will be spread over a longer period and in monthly installments can only calm us down as we could feel in a shorter repayment period. That is why taking a financial commitment for a longer period is worth thinking about in a long-term. It is possible to prolong the repayment of a long-term loan, but additional fees are foreseen for this activity. In addition, you must apply for a written application, at the same time remembering that there is a risk of refusal from the lender’s representatives.

Long-term loans that offer the longest loan term

Long-term loans that offer the longest loan term

It is worth taking a look at non-banking institutions that offer the most advantageous – ie the longest and the most-spread loan periods.

The maximum loan period allows us to spread the loan amount into installments appropriate for our budget. In this way, even a long-term loan of a high amount is not a heavy burden on home finances. With the amount of the installment, we can get acquainted on the lender’s website, choosing the loan amount and the loan period that interests us.

Examples of the maximum loan period:

  • Duper Gross – gives us from 2 to 48 months (4 years) for the return of all due money. It does not require from us certificates of income earned. However, it is required to complete the age of 21. Long-term loans are offered for the presentation of an ID card, from PLN 1,000 to PLN 15,000. The first customers can receive less – a maximum of PLN 10,000. In addition, the form offers a payment by check GIRO.
  • Prida Cash – this facility also offers a 48-month (4 years) loan guarantee guaranteeing a minimum of 12 months (2 years). The lender requires us to indicate a guarantor who would take responsibility for our debt if we have a problem with its regular repayment.
  • Cashy Loans – for the offer, in turn, allows the repayment of the loan within 3 to 36 months (3 years). Consumers, regardless of the cooperation period with the lender, can borrow from PLN 800 to PLN 15 000, and the lender verifies their data via the telephone. Debtors’ databases are checked, but they do not require certification of the amount of income earned.

Worth noting offers of long-term loans:

  • Nominent – from PLN 300 to PLN 15 000 with a crediting period from 3 to 36 months. We receive the money immediately on our bank account, and we can make repayments up to a month after we receive the money on our account. If we return the entire amount in a month, in this case we will get a loan for free, at no cost.
  • Cashy Loans – from PLN 800 to PLN 15000 + requirements highlighted above.
  • Duper Gross – from PLN 1000 to PLN 15,000. The current offer is attractive for the borrower – the first free break if its value does not exceed PLN 10,000. The condition is the repayment of this loan within 30 days (month).
  • Profit Loan – from PLN 5,000 to PLN 25,000. When submitting the form, we provide all our data with a phone number, inclusive. The employee calls us back and offers us, in their opinion, an attractive offer. The decision belongs to us. The loan period is, without surprise, 36 months, in turn if necessary it is possible to postpone the repayment period or reduce the installment.

Long-term loans for people who are in debt

Long-term loans for people who are in debt

If we are in debt and we urgently need a loan – good news. It is possible to conclude a long-term loan without the Credit Information Bureau. All lenders are required to check our creditworthiness. however, some do not always take into account whether we have previously paid off our liabilities on time. If our case does not undermine the trust of the non-banking institution, at most an additional security feature such as the guarantor’s declaration may be demanded.

Here are the outlets that negotiate terms with debtors:

  • Prida Cash – the debtor can obtain a loan not exceeding PLN 25,000. Not only the longest loan period is offered, but often it is also declared to help in repaying existing debts. The applicant must meet two important conditions – continuous income and credit history, which will not raise the uncertainty of the non-banking institution.
  • Auto – finance – here, in turn, the debtor can obtain a long-term loan without certification to even PLN 100,000, even if it has a negative credit history. The condition is one – putting it under the penalty of our car. Then, on the basis of the car’s value, a specific loan amount is determined.


We must remember that even such favorable types of loans as long-term loans require us to appropriately recalculate our financial capabilities and capabilities. We must remember that it is a long-term commitment, which, although it supports our budget for longer, it also involves the lender. It’s worth remembering to pay your installments regularly and remember your interest!

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